1. Access to the campsite and the use of its services is reserved for those who have contracted their stay there.

2. New clients starting from the 2023-2024 season will deposit 300.00 Euros as a deposit that will be returned when leaving the facility as long as the payment is current and the plot is left clean and no items or trash to remove.

3. The season contract fee allows access to the members included in the contract, according to the current rate for each season.

4. All members of the plot must register with their first and last name and ID.

5. You cannot exceed the maximum of 6 people staying overnight on the plot.

6. The contracted season is for the use of the family unit. It cannot be transferred or rented to third parties.

7. The season includes the people registered in the contract and one vehicle per plot. If you want to add a vehicle to the customer file, the amount must be paid. The vehicle must be within the assigned plot.

8. Visitors are required to register at reception and pay the corresponding amount before entering the premises, unless prior notice is given to customers by ordering that the cost be added to the customer’s file. These visits must leave their vehicles outside the campsite. If they want to enter the vehicle, it will have to be left in the car park and pay for the corresponding visit with the vehicle.

9. Any modification of what has been declared must be communicated to the reception immediately. The holder of the registration form must be of legal age and will be responsible for all acts and damages that he and/or his companions may cause.

10. Under no circumstances may more meters of the plot be used than the dimensions of the same. It is absolutely forbidden to change the plot that has been assigned to you. It is totally for bidden to invade other plots as well as to cross them to take the shortest path.

11. Bank receipts will be issued between the 1st and 5th of each month, according to Camping el Llac regulations.

12. If the customer pays in cash, card or by bank transfer, the payment must be made within the first 5 days of the month.

13. The customer must notify the company at least 30 days in advance that he wishes to terminate the contract. In the event of ending the stay before the end of the contracted period, the difference between the price paid and the price that would have been paid in the months modality must be paid.

14. The renewal of the contract must be done in a timely manner before it ends. In no case will he be able to have his belongings on the plot he was occupying without having a contract in force. In the event that this happens, the days that have not been under contract will be charged according to the current rate as a non-fixed camper.

15. The contract must be renewed every season, being essential for the renewal, the full settlement of any possible debts that the customer may have with the campsite

16. Management of unpaid bills:

a.- The returned receipts must pay the price of the monthly payment and the bank charges of the return.

b.-With the accumulation of two unpaid fee receipts, the campsite may terminate the contract and proceed with the blocking of the barrier to access the facilities and – to claim via Mail – the liquidation of the debt. The same procedure will be followed for debts related to consumption (electricity, Wi-Fi or others). After the 10-day period, if the debt has not been settled, a second claim will be made via burofax. After the period of 10 days from the receipt of the burofax, if the totality of the debt has not been settled, the claim will proceed through the monitoring procedure regulated by law 1/2000, of Civil Justice.

c.-The accumulation of non-payment of two or more seasonal receipts is grounds for expulsion from the campsite.

d.-According to DECRET 75/2020 of August 4, in the event of abandonment of belongings and/or expulsion from the facility, the owners of the establishment may remove the belongings from the accommodation unit of the user, once an inventory has been made and signed by two witnesses.

One month has passed since the abandonment has been reliably notified to the address provided by the user, the establishment can freely dispose of its belongings.

e.-In case of accumulation of three or more unpaid installments, Càmping el Llac reserves the right to move the caravan / Mobile home to another location on the campsite in order to leave the plot free.

17. Expulsion: Decret 75/2020: The owners of establishments can evict people who do not comply with the rules of good coexistence and hygiene, as well as those who intend to enter or stay in the establishment for purposes other than own accommodation

18. Incompatibility of the sale or rental of the mobile home, caravan or mobile home with the validity of the contract during the term of this contract, ownership or possession of the mobile home, caravan or mobile home may not be transferred without knowledge and approval by the campsite management. Failure to comply with this rule will be grounds for breach and termination of the contract, with immediate eviction. The purchase of a module or caravan between individuals does not include the right to use the plot. The right to use a pitch must always be authorized by the campsite and it is mandatory to sign the contract. The management of the campsite reserves all the rights to assign the plots.

19. In the case of mobile homes, electricity will be paid according to meter consumption.

20. For 15kg or more pressure gas bottles, you must have the corresponding gas certificate with the updated revision.

21. The plot must be clean and in good condition and all objects must be approved by the campsite. In case of non-compliance with this rule and, as a result, the condition of the caravan or Mobile home affects the health of the facilities, it will be grounds for termination of the contract and expulsion from the campsite. All fixed or semi-fixed elements must be approved by the campsite.

22. Dangerous breed dogs or their crosses are not allowed.

23. It is necessary to have, at all times, a fully updated vaccination card and present it at the reception at the time of signing the contract.

24. Campers must take out an insurance policy with civil liability coverage (a copy must be attached) or adhere to the campsite’s collective insurance.

25. The campsite is not responsible for thefts within the campsite and entrance parking lot. He will not be responsible for damages that are not directly attributable to him due to meteorological or natural phenomena, for example resin from trees, rain, wind, floods… Not if the customer’s vehicle suffers damage from hitting curbs, trees, branches…

26. The management of the campsite reserves the right to admit and will cancel the contract for campers who disturb the peace, fail to follow the elementary rules of social coexistence and education and, in general, do not respect the principles of life civilized as established by the official regulations of the internal regime of campsites of the FNCE.

27. Failure to comply with any of these rules is grounds for immediate expulsion from the campsite.

28. It is mandatory to respect the rules for the use of the swimming pool located in the same enclosure as the swimming pool while it is open.

29. In cases that are not established, the location of caravans and mobile homes cannot be with their backs to the main streets for the safety of users in the event of evacuation.

30. Customer responsibility: the customer is responsible for all their facilities and goods in terms of compliance with the regulations applicable in each case. It is the customer’s responsibility to have complementary insurance and for extraordinary risks that may arise both from their behaviour and from everything related to the facilities and assets of their property, the facilities and assets that they have ·rented in the accommodation unit or those you have introduced in the camping establishment. The entry into the establishment of the client’s goods, of the other users included in the contract or of their visits does not in any case imply the deposit of the same. In this sense, the campsite is not responsible for its loss, deterioration or damage.

31. The circulation of vehicles inside the campsite will not exceed 5 km/hour and it will be prohibited to circulate with any type of motorized vehicle 24.00h. at 7:00 a.m.

32. It is forbidden to cycle around the campsite between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. The circulation of bicycles is prohibited in the sports areas, the terrace of the bar-restaurant and the swimming pool.

33. In order not to disturb your neighbours, TVs, radios, etc… Must have a volume that does not exceed 60 dB (measured from the adjacent plot).

34. The hours of silence are from 00h to 08h and it is essential that they are respected.

35. The campsite fountains supply drinking water, so they are exclusively for water collection. For obvious reasons of hygiene, it is not allowed to use the fountains for any type of personal cleaning, washing clothes or kitchen utensils… Neither can any type of substance be poured into them (chemical toilets, waste water, leftover food…) Only the W.C. chemicals located in the sanitary blocks are intended for this purpose. All waste must be deposited in the corresponding containers, located at the entrance to the campsite.

36. Campers are asked to respect the surroundings of the campsite and not throw rubbish. Please use the bins.

37. It is absolutely forbidden to light a fire outside the authorized spaces.

38. There are surveillance cameras installed in the campsite for your safety.

39. It is forbidden to have more than one electrical connection.

40. It is forbidden to hang anything on the trees.

41. Campers are asked to respect plants, trees and gardens and not litter the campsite with papers or waste.

42. The campsite closes its doors between December 15 and January 15, both days included, each year. During this time period no customers may be on the premises and everyone is required to leave.

43. The management of the campsite reserves the right of admission and may expel with the help of the security forces if it is necessary campers who disturb the peace, lack the basic rules of social coexistence and education and, in general, do not respect the principles of civilized life as established by the official regulation of the interior regime of FNCE campsites since it is a private property. The company’s debtors will also not be allowed to enter the campsite.

44. It is not allowed to delimit the plot with wooden fences. You may not plant plants directly on the ground, nor cover the external floor of the caravan/mobile home/avancé permanently with any type of material (artificial grass, anti-weed fabric, gravel, wood,…) All elements used for this purpose must be able to be withdrawn in the event of termination of the contract.

45. The barbecue area is open until 10.30pm and must be kept clean after use.

46. Within the campsite and on the pitches, dogs must be properly leashed without any exceptions (three warnings for non-compliance can be grounds for expulsion from the campsite). Under no circumstances can dogs access the sports area, the pool area or inside the bar-restaurant.

47. Dogs of dangerous breeds or their crosses are not allowed.

48. Dogs must defecate outside the campsite, otherwise they must be collected.

49. The installation of pergolas, tents, porches, awnings and derivatives is subject to authorization from the campsite management, and must be easily removable

50. Caravans are not allowed to leave anything plugged in while you are away from the campsite, in the case of leaving the caravan plugged in you will have to pay the current daily rate.

51. Wood stoves, barbecues or any type of objects that generate fire are prohibited. In the event that there is a fire brigade inspection, the campsite property is not responsible for the unauthorized installations of stoves and barbecues. The electrical installations must be made with approved materials and cannot be fixed to trees.