Besalú is a town of the region of the La Garrotxa, located at 150 meters of altitude and which is provided with an extension of 4,81 km2. As its origin indicates, Bisuldunum was a fortitude between two rivers: the Fluvià on the south and the Capellades on the north.

It enjoys a good communication by being in the middle of the cross of 3 regions: Alt Empordà, Pla de l’Estany and La Garrotxa. Besalú started to have importance as the capital of an independent county after the death of Wifredo Downy (902), condition that was lost after Bernat III died – son-in-law of Ramón Berenguer III without children; as a result, the Besalú county belonged to the house of Barcelona.

In 1966, it was declared “an Historical Set – Artistically Nationally” for its important architectural value.