1. The access to the camping and the use of its services is reserved exclusively for those who have contracted the stay in it.
  2. It is totally prohibited to change the assigned plot at the arrival without previously warning to the reception.
  3. The vehicle must stay inside the assigned plot (except with other authorizations) and one car per pitch is available only. To the customers that have the car occupying another different plot, they will be notified three times, if after those three times the vehicle is still occupying a plot which is not the corresponding one, will be penalised in the company account according to the current tariffs as vehicle visit concept.
  4. It is totally prohibited the invasion of other plots as well as cross them in order to make the way shorter.
  5. Camping’s direction reserves the right of assigning plots.
  6. The circulation of vehicles inside the camping will not exceed 5 km per hour and is prohibited to circulate with any kind of motorized vehicle from 24h to 07h.
  7. It is prohibited to circulate by bike in the camping from 22h to 07h. It is prohibited the circulation of bicycles inside sport areas, bar restaurant terrace and the swimming pool.
  8. Silence hours are from 00h to 08h and to respect that is a must.
  9. In order to not to bother your neighbours, televisions, radios, etc. Must not exceed the volume of 65dB.
  10. Water sources of the camping supply drinking water, so they are exclusively for picking water. For health reasons, it is not allowed using it for any kind of personal hygiene like cleaning clothes or kitchen items. Obviously, it is not allowed to pour any kind of substance, just the chemical toilettes are made for that use. All the rubbish must be deposited inside the trash bins placed at the camping’s entrance.
  11. Campers are requested to respect camping’s environment and do not throw rubbish on the ground. Please use de litter bins spread all over the camping area. 
  12. It is totally prohibited lighting fire out of enabled zones.
  13. There are surveillance cameras installed in the camping for your own safety.
  14. It is forbidden to have more than one electric connection.
  15. It is prohibited to hang anything on trees without previous authorization.
  16. Campers are requested to respect plants, trees, gardens and not to dirty the camping with papers or waste.
  17. Camping el Llac closes from the 15th of Desember to the 15th of January. During this period of time nobody can stay inside the campsite and everybody is oblied to leave.
  18. The campsite management reserves the right of admission and may expel with the help of the security forces if necessary, campers who disturb the peace, fail to comply with the basic rules of social coexistence and education and, in general, do not respect the principles of civilized life as established by the official regulations of the FNCE’s interior campsite regime, as it is a private property. Neither will the debtors of the company be allowed to enter the campsite for the provision of services in advance, except for other agreements with company’s management.


  1. It is prohibited jump head first to the pool. Maximum depth is 1,80m
  2. The users must have a shower before using the pools.
  3. It is forbidden to use inflatable games, balls or mats without previous authorization of animation staff.
  4. It is prohibited to use crystal objects like glasses and bottles in the swimming pool surroundings.  
  5. Children minors than 12 years old must be accompanied of an adult who assume full responsibility.  
  6. In case of contagious disease it must be communicated to the camping’s direction.
  7. It is prohibited to bath from 20h to 10h, period of time used for the chlorination of the water.
  8. It is forbidden to eat and drink in swimming pool surroundings.
  9. Pets are not allowed in the whole enclosure of the swimming pool.
  10. In case of accident must come to the lifeguard.