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Besalú is a population of the region ofthe Garrotxa, placed to 150 meters ofaltitude and who is provided with anextension of 4,81 km2. As its originindicates, Bisuldunum was a fortitudebetween two rivers: the Fluvià on thesouth and the Capellades to the north.He enjoys good communication tohaving been in the crossing between 3regions: Alt Empordà, Pla of the pondand Garrotxa. Besalú began acquiringimportance as capital of independentcounty after the death of WifredoDowny (902), condition that lost afterBernat III died - son-in-law of RamónBerenguer III without children; as aresult, the Besalú county went on to thehouse of Barcelona. In 1966, it wasdeclared "a Historical Set - ArtisticallyNationally" for its big architecturalvalue.



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RTC: KG-000077
Ctra. Circumval·lació de l'Estany s/n
17820 Banyoles (Catalunya)
Tel.(+34) 972 57 03 05

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